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Bankruptcy in General - What to Expect

Get Debt Relief with Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is within your reach.

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What to Expect When You Work With Consumer Law KC, LLC and Attorney Todd Abplanalp.

From beginning to end, count on me to work closely with you:

  • Free initial consultation: I will listen to and assess your situation, guide you on the pros and cons of bankruptcy and provide you with complete information about the costs of filing.
  • Information: After the consultation, I will give you a packet of information and a list of required documents to bring on your return visit. Required documents include tax returns and pay stubs that allow me to account for all your assets and sources of income.
  • Affordable rate and case filing: On your return visit, I will proceed to creating the necessary paperwork and file your bankruptcy petition with the Bankruptcy Court.
  • Meeting with the trustee: About thirty days after filing, we will attend a meeting with the bankruptcy trustee. The trustee is a court-appointed attorney who reviews the bankruptcy petition and asks any questions needed to approve the petition. Attorney Todd Abplanalp will be at your side during this meeting.
  • Discharge: About sixty days after the trustee's meeting, you will receive the discharge from the court.

As soon as you file for bankruptcy, you are under the protection of the Bankruptcy Court. The filing triggers an automatic stay, meaning that all creditor collection must stop. You can finally be free from the harassing calls, letters, garnishments and lawsuits.

Depending on your particular situation, we also can get an emergency petition filed within 48 hours.

Affordable Solutions From a Knowledgeable Bankruptcy Lawyer.

As much as we try to control it, life sometimes does not go as planned. There are many situations that can cause people to become overwhelmed by consumer debt. Some people are struggling to make ends meet after a divorce, medical problem or job loss, while other people are enticed by credit card companies to spend beyond their means.

At Consumer Law KC, the law office of Todd S. Abplanalp, I help clients throughout the Kansas City metro area file bankruptcy. If you are ready to work toward regaining financial stability, contact me to schedule an appointment. Attorney Todd Abplanalp has helped many men and women in Kansas and Missouri get the fresh start they need to move beyond the past into a brighter tomorrow.

Keep Your Assets.

Despite what some believe, bankruptcy is not a punishment or something to feel guilty about; rather, it is your right under the law to get debt relief. Bankruptcy is designed to help people who are facing overwhelming debt, including medical bills, credit card bills and pay day loans, to discharge their debts and get a fresh start.

Filing for bankruptcy does not mean that you will lose your assets. In most instances, it offers you a way to keep your house, car, clothing and retirement savings. These are not subject to seizure or liquidation.

Qualifying for Bankruptcy.

In order to get debt relief, you must first qualify. Generally, most people whose incomes fall below the median income for the state qualify. Even individuals who exceed the median can still qualify, if they pass what is known as a means test. When we meet I will thoroughly evaluate your situation, including all your debts and assets, to determine your eligibility to file.

File Your Bankruptcy Case.

Unlike some firms, I am up front with you throughout the process, both about the law and about costs. I do not offer a lower price up front and continually add fees as your case goes on. My fee arrangement is a simple, one-page document.

To schedule your free initial consultation with a dedicated and knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer, email Todd Abplanalp at or call (816) 434-7300. My office is conveniently located just off of M-291 between Hwy 50 and I-470 in Lee's Summit.

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